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Revit 2019 export to dwg

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Revit 2019 export to dwg

Everytime I try to export a sheet to dwg it occours 2 types of error, which I dont know how to fix. They are:

1. It never exports all of the sheets I selected, the best case was 3 sheets out of 9 I selected;

2. Of the 3 that were exported, only one or two works fine;

3. That is two types of error that happen with those that were exported but didnt worked fine. It can:

   -3.1.: Come in a blank file, without the sheet in it;

   -3.2.: Say that the file is already opened (which isnt, because I just exported it). Then it asks if I want to open for read only, when I agree the file doesnt open and then it open the Archives for me to chose another file to open;

    - It says that AutoCad cant open that file.


Every week in my job we export a lot of sheets from rvt to dwg, this is delaying our production and we dont know how to fix it. 

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Hello @Anonymous, welcome to the Autodesk forums!


If you have not already done so, I would suggest saving the Revit 2019 model off of BIM 360 (Save As) to the local system and confirm if you see similar behavior when exporting to DWGs that are also saved to the local system.


If you see similar behavior with the local model, then this question should probably be in the Revit Architecture board (instead of the cloud worksharing one). However, here are some other things to test:

  1. Update Revit 2019 to the latest version (2019.2.2)
  2. Test upgrading the model to 2020/2021, to see if the behavior changes in later releases (make sure to do this only with a copy of the model and not the production version, as the upgrade process is not reversible).

Lance Coffey

Technical Support Specialist
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@Anonymous are you still seeing issues exporting DWGs from Revit?


Lance Coffey

Technical Support Specialist

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