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Revit 2018 - Unrecoverable error when opening files from the cloud

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Revit 2018 - Unrecoverable error when opening files from the cloud

When opening a project through C4R we are receiving the following error.  "An unrecoverable error has occurred.  The program will now be terminated.  All of your data has been recently saved, so there is no need to create recovery files."  We have a guy in a different company currently using this project without errors.  I have the current update installed.  We are able to open non C4R projects and C4R is working in 2017.  Any thoughts?

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in reply to: chris.holeka

Hi @chris.holeka


Make sure all user used the same Revit version with the same updates \ hotfixes installed while working on workshared files.

If it is not the case please post Revit model file to check it.


Rafal Gaweda
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in reply to: Rafal.Gaweda

After a few hours of down time it randomly started working.  I have no idea why it was down or started working again.

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