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Revit 2017 Properties dialog box issue

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Revit 2017 Properties dialog box issue

I just installed Revit 2017 and it seems the drop down arrows in the properties dialog box are not working ie to select a scale or model level etc.


I have done a search to no avail... can anyone shed some light on this issue?


// Erren

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If a View Template is assigned to the view you cannot change items through the property dialog unless you set it to none.  You can also change the settings in the view template that will apply to all views with that view template assigned.


View template.png

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in reply to: Revit_Whisperer

Thanks, this doesn't seem to be the issue though, the properties options work perfectly in 2016 for the project, when importing the same project into 2017 it does not work. View template is set to <none> as suggested.
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in reply to: Anonymous

My name is Riccardo. I am a Revit specialist.
Click HERE and please review carefully this article which contains a possible solution for your problem with Revit 2017.
Please let me know if this helps you to resolve the issue.  
If I do not hear from you within 2 business days, I will archive the case. Despite of it, if you have any additional questions or concerns you can still post them here.
Best regards,
Riccardo Evangelista
Autodesk Support Team

Riccardo Evangelista
Autodesk Revit Technical Support
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Thanks Riccardo, I had my text/apps scaled to 150%, dropped to 100% and the issue is resolved.


Using a MacBook Pro (Retina) with a 27" Apple Cinema display running Windows 10.


// Erren

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