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Revit 2017 not showing BIM360 Projects

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Revit 2017 not showing BIM360 Projects


Thanks in advance for any contributions

I currently have a BIM360 project set up and have files to be saved to the folders but when clicking collaborate in cloud I receive the message "you can not collaborate using the cloud because you do not have access to any cloud projects" I have noticed if i was to make a new project in fusion 360 teams that project would show up. Is there a way to switch Revit to look for BIM360 projects rather than fusion360 or is this not possible in Revit 2017? As a temporary work space I have manually saved the model as a central model on BIM360 by navigating through MYPC/BIM360/Projects but it doesn't allow other users to open the file correctly.

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Hello @SCOTT.LEYBOURNE , thank you for the question.


Revit cloud worksharing has two possible cloud locations BIM 360 Team or BIM 360 Document Management:

  • Revit 2018.2 and earlier models are stored on BIM 360 Team (this is similar to the Fusion Team service you mentioned)
  • Revit 2018.3 can store models on either BIM 360 Team or BIM 360 Document Management.
  • Revit 2019 and later models are stored on BIM 360 Document Management.

If you are looking to upload the model to BIM 360 Document Management, you could upgrade to a later Revit version (at least 2018.3). 

If you don't want to upgrade the model, you would need to setup a BIM 360 Team project and upload the model there.


Lance Coffey

Technical Support Specialist

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