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Revit 2017 fails to print to PDF

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Revit 2017 fails to print to PDF

When i try to print to PDF the loading bar either freezes or doesn't start up at all, no pdf's being made. I mainly use "multiple selected views/sheets into a single file" option.

I tried the long route by creating seperate pdf files to combine after, but even some single pdf sheets aren't being made! I've lowered the resolution and all that as well with no solution. SOO FRUSTRATING, i can't send drawing sets to clients...


Every new version of Revit comes with new bugs and issues its very frustrating....


Please help.

218 REPLIES 218
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in reply to: vewright

Thanks for the software history – I didn't know all of that – I use Revit only because it's been broadly adopted by my clients – architects. The PTC origin is interesting since I use MathCad Prime extensively.

After monitoring this thread for many months, it appears no single solution or procedure exists for ensuring Revit compatibility with Adobe Acrobat, but most folks eventually discover a work-around.

Here's hoping Autodesk adds a PDF maker to Revit.
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in reply to: Anonymous

One of the earlier posts had a very simple workaround suggestion but it didn't seem to get much lieu of accessing the print function the normal way (Application Menu File --> Print) just use the shortcut command CTRL + P then set your print settings the normal way. 


I have been doing some testing of this method with good results in Revit 2017 for multipage PDF's.  I was wondering if somebody else could try this and update the message thread with your results. Also does it work in 2018?




Andy Brack

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in reply to: andybrack

just tried this in 2018 - no dice for three sheet single file at early phase (few objects in model)
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in reply to: MattFried

Since i started using CTRL+P I’ve Printed 20+ PDFs (using Acrobat Pro) without any of the hang ups I had issues with before. This is the only work around I’ve liked- because it actually saves a step.

Seems like this “solution” would also isolate the problem to the File->Print process??

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in reply to: river0013

Thanks SO much! Works! I just told about this workaround to our IT guys and they looked at me like at Jesus LOL

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in reply to: Zsolt.Varga

It is currently May of 2018. This issue is still persisting.  The only workaround I've found is to restart Revit every time I want to print a sheet, or set of sheets. The other work around prescribed- Designating an output folder from the Adobe PDF Printer advanced options is also not viable. We have a very active office and can not afford to spend an extra 1.5-5 minutes just to print.


This is a serious issue and is cutting down on my office's productivity.  Has there been any progress? Is there a solution? Have we missed a critical update?


Please advise.

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in reply to: Anonymous

So I have been reading through this thread. Tried many of the so called work arounds and nothing works. 


I am on Revit 2019 - I've installed updates and hot-fixes that are available for revit and I still cant print to PDF. I've tried Adobe, cute-PDF & nitro PDF writers. Nothing works. 


What do I do?


It seems autodesk are not looking at this issue or even trying to fix it. I can understand how this thread has been able to go on for so long!


Have i missed something?


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in reply to: Anonymous is my go to because it's free when I cannot get acrobat
to work. It can be annoying because you have to do an advanced
installation to avoid the shareware products.
If you must use an Adobe product don't use the creative cloud (CC) version.
Use Acrobat Pro.
Always print to your "My documents" windows folder. Always print with a
new file name. Be sure you are not having to replace a file that is
already printed.
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in reply to: Anonymous

I have had no luck with cutePDF of nitroPDF.


I did however just take the time to fully un-install revit and then reinstall it. 


I've just managed to first time to print 3No. PDF files one after each other. Before I re-installed I haven't been able to get any PDF's at all. I am hoping this issue is now fixed for me. 


Anyone still having the issue i would advise a full uninstall and then reinstall. 


Please post if you have any luck with this.



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in reply to: Anonymous

Follow up: my initial download of CutePDF didnt work but once computer was restarted worked just fine and haven't had a pdf printing problem since. Highly recommend as a workaround. 

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in reply to: Anonymous

take preview for every time for any sheet and file path is important: (see
attach file for reference)
This work for me & using this process since last 18 month.
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in reply to: MattFried

I am also having the same issue. It's incredibly frustrating! I've just upgraded to Revit 2019 and the bug is still occurring. 

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in reply to: shelveyXBENS

I had to reinstall both versions to correct the problem.

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in reply to: Anonymous

Did reinstalling both Adobe Acrobat and Revit solve the issue? Its getting to be too much for me. I can only print ONCE per time I open the software, if I'm lucky.


It's outrageous.


Perhaps I'll try reinstalling. Thanks.

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in reply to: Anonymous

I don't see your attachment 

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in reply to: Anonymous

It's incredibly frustrating that Autodesk isn't addressing this bug when it affects an incredibly fundamental function of working in a drafting program. 

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in reply to: shelveyXBENS

I have heard using CTRL+P instead of Print button fixed it for some folks.
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in reply to: ToanDN

I did try this work around, and it did not work at all.
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in reply to: shelveyXBENS

Gentlemen and Ladies:
Autodesk isn’t going to fix this, if the past few years is any indication.
When the performance of a brilliant young athlete declined for no apparent reason, his coach asked him “What’s the problem, son? Is it ignorance? Is it apathy?” his reply was “Coach, I don’t know and I don’t care…”
I can only hope that we aren’t looking at something similar here.

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in reply to: shelveyXBENS

I began experiencing difficulty printing sometime in 2014 or perhaps earlier with large sheet counts especially, but also with smaller projects. The print dialog box would freeze, and then I couldn't get the software to print. Generally, this has been my solution.
File -> Print
Select Adobe PDF as the Printer
Print "separate files" - I cannot consistently get Revit to print to multiple sheets into one PDF
The path indicated at the "Browse..." button under the "File" section of the "Print" dialog box indicates the last path I used for saving files, but the software will ask me for a file location when it prints to PDF.
Select "Selected views/sheets" under "Print Range" then select the sheets from the dialog box accessed at the "Select..." button.
Under Setup, I print to the correct sheet size (usually Arch D or E1, but also 8.5 x 11 and 11 x 17), "Zoom" to 100% for sheets, with 0,0 offset for "Paper Placement," Appearance to "High" "Raster Quality," and "Grayscale.," with Vector Processing.
Under "Properties..." for the Adobe PDF printer, I select
Default Settings: Standard
Adobe PDF Security: None
Adobe PDF Output Folder: Prompt for Adobe PDF filename
Adobe PDF Pages Size: (this auto-selects according to the "Print Setup" dialog box)
Several people have suggested that a print preview before printing allows printing to PDF without difficulty. Print "Preview" button is grayed-out (not selectable) in the "Print" dialog box if I select "Selected vies/sheets" for "Print Range." I can't think of a reason I would ever print deliverable drawings without placing views onto a sheet with a title block, so I have no idea why anybody thinks this is a worthwhile solution unless they are able to get a print preview for "Selected views/sheets" when I cannot.
I also fiddled with settings within Adobe Acrobat itself, but I'm not confident those changes made any appreciable difference. Ultimately, the "fix," such as it is, appears to be printing sheets individually, which usually works well for my projects, which don't usually exceed 20 structural sheets.
When I print, the dialog box, "Printing Separate Files" appears with the message, "You have chose to print n views/sheets as separate files. Do you wish to continue?" I select "Yes."
>From there, a Revit file saving dialog box appears, in standard window file-saving style, and permits me to choose the file path, just as I would for any other file saving function our of Revit. If I want, I change the file folder location and the file name, then save the file. Usually, I only choose the folder location, and then save the files names as automatically proposed for each sheet.
I have never attempted to re-install any software. I usually upgrade Revit annually, so that's not the source of the issue. I haven't reinstalled Adobe since I-don't-know-when (about 2015 or 2016 or earlier).
I'd be interested to know if anybody has these issues with Bluebeam, because I'm seriously considering migrating to that when my Adobe subscription approaches renewal.

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