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Revit 2017 fails to print to PDF

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Revit 2017 fails to print to PDF

When i try to print to PDF the loading bar either freezes or doesn't start up at all, no pdf's being made. I mainly use "multiple selected views/sheets into a single file" option.

I tried the long route by creating seperate pdf files to combine after, but even some single pdf sheets aren't being made! I've lowered the resolution and all that as well with no solution. SOO FRUSTRATING, i can't send drawing sets to clients...


Every new version of Revit comes with new bugs and issues its very frustrating....


Please help.

218 REPLIES 218
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in reply to: ToanDN

What problem? The one referred to in this thread - Revit "fails to print to PDF". 

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in reply to: Anonymous

Vague.  There are more than one way to fail.  In this thread alone.

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in reply to: ToanDN

I have a subscription so of course I am now using Revit 2018 which has exactly the same problems interfacing with Adobe Acrobats printer.  I have started a new thread for Revit 2018

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in reply to: Anonymous

Hi Scott- can you confirm the problem you are experiencing in 2018 so that this thread can continue until it is fixed? In Revit 2017, I am unable to batch print pdf drawings via acrobat pro (the full version of Adobe acrobat- not a third party pdf writer). When you select multiple sheets to print in either "combine in one file " or "print multiple files", the printing function freezes and does not complete the operation. The proposed solution of selecting a folder location through the acrobat default file location works sometimes, but not always. All of these features work in 2015 and earlier. I have not tested 2018 but would caution any user to forego upgrades from 2015 until this issue is fixed. This dysfunction is a significant barrier to efficient workflow. The fact that this works perfectly in earlier versions of Revit suggests a software dysfunction within the Autodesk software, not the acrobat software.
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in reply to: Anonymous

I confirm exactly the same problems. In order to complete my batched drawings, I have to print preview first. Then my batch will go through exactly how it use to be. No one from Autodesk has been able to assist in coming up with a quicker solution. This workaround is the only one that is allowing a quick resolution, but is still extra clicks that should not be necessary.

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in reply to: Anonymous

I am having this same problem in v2018.2/Acrobat 2017 Pro/Win10.  Scott, can you provide a link to this new thread?

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in reply to: PDSF

AS an update of sorts, the Revit Roadmap shows that integrating PDF printing into Revit is now "accepted" so it will be incorporated into the software at some point in the future:


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in reply to: JM_K

Obviously not sorted out in Revit 2018, maybe printing to pdf is delayed until Revit 2019 version - who knows.

In the meantime I export to jpg and then I can print the jpg to pdf, a proper nuisance but that's what I found to be reliable after hundreds (not exaggerated ) of hours wasted time trying to find a way to show my client my work after finishing a model and associated drawing views,. Crazy!
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in reply to: MattFried

The roadmap shows the way ahead so no, it will not be sorted in 2018.
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in reply to: Anonymous

Until PDF printing is incorporated into Revit, the best, most efficient and robust method to print to PDF in Revit is Bluebeam Revu.

I do support on Revit and the amount of people over the last 12 months who have reported that Adobe and Revit do not work well together is phenomenal. I don't see that as an Autodesk failure since they are under no obligation to make sure that a 3rd party PDF printer works with their software.

In the case of Bluebeam, they have made it their business to make sure that their software has continued to be compatible with a wide range of CAD software whereas Adobe have not (it would seem).

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in reply to: JM_K

mkelly, do you use standard Bluebeam Revu or do you need the "CAD" version?
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in reply to: PDSF


The basic version has the PDF creation facility in it. It will install as a system printer. It also has optimised settings for things like Word and the likes and a host of other great features:

PS As a disclosure, I don't work for Blueabeam but I do work for a reseller in Australia.

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in reply to: JM_K

Thanks.  So would you consider it a complete Acrobat replacement?  I need little motivation to avoid Adobe software 🙂

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in reply to: PDSF

We have replaced over 30 seats of 4 versions of Acrobat with Bluebeam CAD.  This version has a add-in for Revit that I like for creating PDF's from Revit better than the print dialogue box that I think you would have to use with Bluebeam Standard. There are a few times that I miss a tool from Acrobat, but Bluebeam CAD does so much more than Acrobat.  All of the contractors we deal with use Bluebeam and they like our pdf files because they contain the room spaces already.  It saves them a lot of time. You might want at least one version of Bluebeam Extreme for forms and OCR. Or keep a license of Acrobat around for those tasks.


I am disappointed that we needed to purchase additional software to create PDF's from Revit. But I am pretty happy with Bluebeam CAD.  And it does make it easier when everyone is using the same software to deal with PDF's. 


I don't work for Bluebeam or a reseller.

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in reply to: mchristop

Thanks Homer. $400 per seat is a lot for our small firm, but we'll consider it. Oddly, not all our seats of Revit '18 have the issue which started the thread. The guy who prints most of our big sets (over 200 sheets) doesn't have it.
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in reply to: PDSF

I use Cute PDF since it is free and my Acrobat does not seem to be
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in reply to: PDSF

No Cute PDF I only employ as a print driver. I still use Adobe Acrobat *XI
pro *when I need to edit or read PDFs
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in reply to: MattFried

hello all, i haven't posted anything on this thread for a while, but i've been using acrobat xi standard and apart from having to do a "review" from the get-go, i have had no issues printing with adobe. if fact, on a given day, if i have to do a batch print (sorry, autocad speak), after the first review - which was part of the workaround for this issue - i've found that i don't have to do a review for any further print jobs on that day.  i have no idea how this happened, what settings i've used, or what, but it's working. so let's not burn adobe at the stake just yet. 

i still don't like the fact that we have to utilize a workaround just to print, and that autodesk literally shelved this convo saying it's solved.  just sayin.


and as a disclaimer, i do not work for adobe nor am i a reseller.  just an ordinary cad guy using revit.

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in reply to: arthur

<re-posting from another similar thread>


Hi all,


This issue is under active investigation by the dev team, so don't worry too much about this topic being set to solved - the intention was to point people to the help article. Unfortunately, so far, we have not been able to reproduce the behavior on our machines with the customer files provided, so we would appreciate your help to investigate this further.


Could you please file a case with a Autodesk support and include all of the following information:

exact steps to reproduce (writing this out may seem redundant, but sometimes one click can make all the difference)

all files, journals, links, software versions, and printer settings ...including all views printed in Revit, all Revit printer settings, and all Adobe printer settings including advanced.


Particularly important settings are:
file location in revit
one or multiple files
file location and prompt yes/no for Adobe
font settings in Adobe

Other important information:
Are PDF files being overridden?
Is Acrobat or pdf reader open when printing?
Are there always linked Revit files? Does problem stop if there is no Link?


One other thing to quickly double check is that your machine is not running out of RAM. This would very significantly affect the performance of printing.


Thanks in advance for your help with the investigation.

Sasha Crotty
Director, AEC Design Data

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in reply to: sasha.crotty

Hi, Glad someone is finally looking at this issue.


This issue affects different machines differently in our office. 

The actual PCs are identical, with identical, as far as we can tell, programs and versions.

For instance, my colleague can't batch print but can print single sheets and I can't print single sheets but can batch print! We are working on different projects but when we open each others projects our individual PDF print issues persist.


We are using Revit 2017, build 17.0.416.0

Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro, version 9.0.0

Adobe PDF printer driver


With regards the settings, we have tried adjusting every single setting and nothing appears to make a difference.


But for completeness; on my machine the settings are as follows.


The Revit file is located on our server.

See above re printing one or multiple files.

Default settings - standard

Adobe PDF security - none

Adobe PDF output folder - prompt for adobe PDF filename

View Adobe PDF results - yes

Add document information - yes

Rely on system fonts only - yes.

Delete log file for successful jobs - yes

Ask to replace existing PDF - no.

in Advanced

Print Quality - 1200 dpi

ICM method : ICM disabled

ICM intent : Pictures

Scaling : 100%

TTF : Substitute with device font

It doesn't matter if Acrobat is open or not. 

There are always linked Revit files.

We have 32GB of RAM and always have plenty free (20GB free usually).


I can sometimes print 1 drawing once, and then I can no longer print single files directly from the print dialogue box. I have though found that by doing a print preview I can print individual sheets but not from the main print dialogue box without first doing a preview. As mentioned above my colleague cannot print batch files at all and has to print each drawing individually.






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