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Revit 2017 fails to print to PDF

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Revit 2017 fails to print to PDF

When i try to print to PDF the loading bar either freezes or doesn't start up at all, no pdf's being made. I mainly use "multiple selected views/sheets into a single file" option.

I tried the long route by creating seperate pdf files to combine after, but even some single pdf sheets aren't being made! I've lowered the resolution and all that as well with no solution. SOO FRUSTRATING, i can't send drawing sets to clients...


Every new version of Revit comes with new bugs and issues its very frustrating....


Please help.

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Actually this has been going on for more than 6 months.  Why doesn't Autodesk fix such a fundamental flaw in Revit? I've been able to get around it by using Microsoft XPF printer but it doesn't have 30" x 42" format so I'm out of luck on my current project.

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in reply to: dzanta

These are not solutions. They are not even workarounds. They are not even good suggestions. I have had the problem with Revit 2016 and 2017. Success at printing with Adobe PDF is the exception, not the rule. I have also had similar problems with some of the other PDF printers. Bluebeam Revu and CAD & Company Plot Manager are much more reliable.


I read in another post that Autodesk is considering a solution for a future release. I hope Revit 2018 incorporates this solution.However, I submit that this problem should be solved for ALL versions. Autodesk, don't lose sight of the fact that, for most of us, the end product is DRAWING PLOTS. And, now it is more common to distribute plots as PDF files than paper prints.

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in reply to: MattFried

I had same problem.


However, by chance I had PrimoPDF loaded on my computer.  It works for me.


It's free:

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in reply to: MattFried

I find that changing the name of the file (even just adding the date at the end) makes it print to PDF with no problems.  


However, I am having the exact same problem and all programs have been updated when I don't change the name it just freezes - restarting Revit or the whole computer does not fix the problem.   

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in reply to: MattFried

Does anyone know if this has been fixed in 2018 version?  I would like to upgrade my projects, but not being able to print a basic pdf is a deal breaker- this problem does not existing with version 2015 and earlier.  (which makes the reason why it doesn't work with 2017 all the more ridiculous, right?)

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in reply to: rick.kremer

This is a horrible suggestion.

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in reply to: MattFried

Does anybody know if this has been fixed in the 2018 version?

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in reply to: MattFried

I just started using R2017 MEP.  the trick I've found that worked 100% of the time was suggested some time back which was to run a print preview on one sheet only first, then pick your multiple sheets to print. it's a pain in a butt, but at least it works unlike the workaround that autodesk claimed was a solution at the beginning of this thread.

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in reply to: arthur

I am not sure what is going on with mine.  When I select a sheet to print, the Preview option grays out (becomes unclickable).


I have not personally experienced the problem, however I provide support to people that have.

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in reply to: mchristop


select "current window" and you should be able to preview.


current window.jpg


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It's OK , at this point I've just gotten used to hitting the Preview button
prior to printing - then it works.
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in reply to: colincargill


Fixing something someday is not fixing it! Finding a "workaround" is not fixing it, especially when the workaround doesn't always work!  Autodesk needs to take notice of the fact that the end product for most designers in the AEC world is drawing plots. And, with the wide use of Acrobat Reader, most drawing plots are distributed in PDF form. Contractors, estimators, vendors, plan reviewers, all work with PDF files. Virtually every application that I use prints to Adobe's PDF Printer without difficulty--except for Revit.

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in reply to: vewright

This is a window firewall probelm.  To solve it you  just have to give Revit permission to Run Acrobat.  Windows assumes Revit should not be modifying files and programs outside of it's shell so windows cuts revit off.  If you go to Revit.exe Right Click on Revit.exe Click on Properties in the Pop up Menu.  (Sometimes Windows doesn't give you full access to the properties of an exe file.  You need the dialogue box labeled: "Revit.exe Properties" If you don't see the Compatibility tab repeat the previous process till you do)  Then open the Compatibility Tab.  Check the box under Application that says "Run this program as an administrator".  Click Apply and close. 


Now  when you open revit it will always ask you if  you want to give Revit administrative privileges so  you will always have to say Yes to the box that pops up when you open revit.


This change may cause other problems.  Revit at that point is considered by the system  to be a user so you may have to do other things to  get access to mapped drives etc.  If you are just on a workstation running you own files this is a good solution.  Of course if you need to open a Revit file on a Mapped Network drive you can always use Windows Explorer.

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in reply to: Anonymous

Unbelievable! Printed a set of drawings to pdf for the first time in a couple of years...

Fantastic result. Many thanks. I can't begin to estimate how many hours of frustration you have saved me - and all the rest of us.

Many thanks and much gratitude.

Colin Cargill

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in reply to: Anonymous

It sounds like something Autodesk should fix as pretty much everyone uses
Adobe to print.
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I agree!


Some people here would argue that this is Adobe's problem.  (I am NOT one of those people).


I think that Autodesk should provide a way to create a PDF file out of Revit directly  WITHOUT a third party software package like they do from Autocad.


Then there can be no finger pointing.


I am not sure why, but whenever I suggest this on the Wish List, It quickly gets deleted.  They say it is already provided, but I never get an explanation how or where.

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in reply to: Anonymous

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in reply to: Anonymous

I am encouraged by the amount of time that Revit users have apparently spent on this problem. It is evidently a real problem, not just cosmic rays striking my computer. However, I find it difficult to accept the theory that it is a Windows firewall problem. Even so, I stand by the second assertion in my last post--finding a workaround for a problem is not fixing the problem. To test my memory, I just plotted a drawing from AutoCAD 2017 using DWG to PDF printer, on the same computer that I use for Revit 2017. The results were immediate and and error-free. No complaints from Windows. No problems with mapped drives, Dropbox, etc. I submit that the Revit folks should walk across the hall, or down the hall, or to the next building and ask the AutoCAD folks how they manage to print PDF drawings without a hitch. BTW, I also noticed a post that the problem is connected to Windows Updates. I doubt this also, even though the number of updates Microsoft generates certainly provides an opportunity for all sorts of side effects. I also noticed some traffic about using the latest Adobe Acrobat application. I have Acrobat Pro XI on one machine, and Acrobat Pro DC on another, and both have the printing problem with Revit, but not with other applications.

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in reply to: vewright

Very well said.


Not that this solves the problem immediately, but Autodesk is constantly telling me to provide feedback on the Ideas page.  I always felt like it was a waste of time.  But apparently if enough people give something a vote up they start to pay attention.  If it is not too much trouble for everyone that would like to be able to create PDFs from Revit without a third party software, I would encourage you to drop by and give this a thumbs up if you haven't already.

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in reply to: Anonymous

I print one sheet at a time- hit the preview button when it comes up - this
has always worked for me.

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