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Revit 2017 Error on open

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Revit 2017 Error on open

I get this error when opening a file that is on BIM 360. Its a project that has not had any problems in months and I have tried to AUDIT the file and even create a new local. There are 4 people working on this project in our office an 2 of them are having this same error.

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This may be due to a temporary interruption with BIM 360 / Collaboration for Revit (C4R).


If you haven’t seen this webpage before, please note this Autodesk page: Autodesk Health Dashboard


This is a good place to check when having C4R or other cloud issues, to see if we are encountering performance issues at our end. C4R is listed on the top.  You can subscribe for email notifications.


Note too that you can check History there, for previous dates. It does look like C4R did have some issues on Nov 4th, around the time you experienced this.


Are you still having this issue? Or have things cleared up for your team now?



If my reply was helpful, please give a "Kudo" or click the "Accept as Solution" button below (or both).

Martin Stewart
AEC Support Specialist
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Thank you. Everything seems to be working now. Its weird that some people can use A360 but some cannot.

John Robert Harvey, AIA
Sr. Associate | Revit Certified
Wright McGraw Beyer Architects, P.A.
2105 Water Ridge Parkway, Suite 450
Charlotte, NC 28217 │ 704-535-6374

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