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Revit 2017 - does not work

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Revit 2017 - does not work

Hi everyone,

I'm a italian student (sorry for my english) and I installed Revit 2017 with Educational license.


At the end of the installation software does not work (attached image of the dialog box). How can I fix the problem?


I have a laptop with the following specifications:

- ASUS i7-6700HQ

- Video card: NVidia GForce 960M (4 Gb dedicated)

- Ssd 516 Gb + Hard Disk 1 Tb

- 16 Gb RAM


Help me Smiley Sad


Thanks Smiley Wink


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Hi @giuseppemondola,


Welcome to the Community. In some cases, it could be related to the graphic hardware, kindly ensure that you have the latest driver and latest update installed for your graphic hardware.


Let us know how it goes. Thanks.


Jeffrey Sin

Autodesk Customer Support
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Hi @giuseppemondola,,


As Jeffrey indicated, this might be related to the graphics.

Besides the graphics driver, it might also be that you are not using the 'correct' graphics card.


Your system (based on what I could fine) most likely have dual graphics (Intel 530 and GeForce 960M) and it might be using teh Intel graphics instead of the Nvidia graphics.


1. Open up the Nvidia Control Panel (you can find it in Control Panel)

2. Select "Manage 3D settings"

3.Select the "Program Settings" tab

4. Check to see if you have "Autodesk Revit" or Revit.exe (or something similar) in the list "1. Select Program to customize"


5. If it's not there; Click "Add". Select Revit from the list the list or click "Browse"

if it's not in the list and browse to your revit.exe ("C:\Program Files\Autodesk\Revit 2017\Revit.exe")


6. In "2. Select the preferred graphics....", select "High-performance Nvidia"


(Note: the texts above might differ slightly depending on what version of the drive you have installed)




If this does not solve your issue, please post on of your latest Revit journal files here, it might contain some more clues to what is happening and why.


You can use the following kb-articles to help you locate the files:




Lars-Ake Johansson
Sr. SQA Engineer

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