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Revit 2017 Crashes opening BIM 360 Team file An unrecoverable error has occurred

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Revit 2017 Crashes opening BIM 360 Team file An unrecoverable error has occurred

I started on a BIM 360 Team project today and as soon as the file finishes loading I've gotten as far as opening a view before throwing the error message "An unrecoverable error has occurred.  The program will no".  It will work just fine on my laptop.  I tried removing Add-ins, clearing the Cache and deleting the INI file.


I tried to search to see if anyone has has a similar problem, but couldn't see anything related to BIM 360 Team.  Every other project (non-BIM 360 Team) open just fine.


Laptop doesn't have the power as well as screens behind it that my desktop does.  We have 10+ people working on the project with the same desktop and they have not experienced any problems.


Any tips or idea's are very much appreciated.  Hopeful I don't have to try to use the laptop for this project.


Thank you in advance.


Scott Weiter...


I'm going to try the Windows user profile deletion and rebuild now.

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in reply to: ScottWeiter5186

I had the same issue & still do.

When I disabled the Communicator Add-on, it worked fine...

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in reply to: b_ralphs

Thanks so much, took care of the problem!  Was about to wipe my windows profile this morning (has helped other with the same error message in the past).  Our IT said that many people have been turning off the communicator and maybe that's why we've not see the problem.

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Now after an update on Friday, I can't even connect to the BIM 360 Team server.  It just sits and blinks while it's trying to connect.  Got one week out of it working.



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in reply to: ScottWeiter5186

Have you found an answer for this yet? Mine does the same blinking thing. thanks, John

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in reply to: jnmr3a

I am having the crashing issue too...... does anyone have a solution

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in reply to: rsanford

I tried by rebuilding my user profile, which didn't correct the problem. I finally had to wipe the computer and reinstall windows and all my Autodesk applications. Glad IT has a drive image to keep from doing individual installs. That cleared up the problem in my case.
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Open with Audit, that worked for me

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in reply to: Nora_Gonzalez

Audit did not work for me but (re)moving the cached files by this workflow worked well in Revit 2018.3 & BIM360Team :


hope it will not continue to crash as often as those last 3 days (and only on my computer !) as each time I had to redo more than 1h job.... if only the journal files were still able to redo the last (lost) actions.

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