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Revit 2017 Collaboration.

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Revit 2017 Collaboration.

Hi, I am using REVIT 2017 student version software for my BIM project. This project is a group project and we would like to use collaboration option for our team work. But after seeing many videos in autodesk and youtube websites, still we are unable unable to do this project using Collaboration and Synchronization Process. My question is can we do the Collaboration and Synchronization Process with this Revit 2017 student version software? I request you to give me some suggestion videos and procedure for my problem. Thank you Very much
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in reply to: prashanthkumar313

collaboration for revit is a cloud service it does not come with Revit

if your using a student license then you need to go back to the student website and request this service if available

if its not then it is something you need to buy

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in reply to: DarrenP

ok, Thank you, Bro.
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Thank you for taking your time to post this on the forum, 


I would want to direct you towards this article: 

The way it works, is that after you send in the form, a grant will be processed for the applicants and it can take a little while before it's finalised. We included this as a temporary solution until we get the service running on the same basis as Student Licenses and as soon as it's ready we will let you know. 


If you have any questions let me know, 


Best Regards,

Jacob Westergaard

Autodesk Premium Support Team
AEC Premium Support Services
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Hi there, 

Student at the University of Edinburgh the link you've posted is dead and I can't seem to find where the application form is?

Please could you post a new application link?


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