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Revit 2016 to 2017 text problems

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Revit 2016 to 2017 text problems

I am not new to this site but have never made a post. I been a Revit user since 2006.  Mostly structure.  


The new font options are pretty cool in the new 2017 version.  


I noticed that when I upgraded an existing model from 2016 to 2017, all of the font changed size and parameter.  


Even though the information in the Type Properties box is the same, the text size is different.  


Here is an example:



Revit 2016.PNG 


And then in 2017

Revit 2017.PNG



and just to further show what the type properties are

Type Properties.PNG





Any advice?

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Is both models using the same font? it seems to be the font that's causing the issue. Try reinstalling the font.

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Hi Darin, I tried reinstalling it in windows but it doesn't appear to change anything.  Good idea though.  I am still using 2016 and it seems unaffected.  Strange.  

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I just tested it. There's an issue with the "Calibri Light" font. change it to Arial and try again.

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in reply to: BrandoniousMaximus

I discovered some weird bug in the new text editor. After upgrading the project from 2016. When I create new text within a viewport that’s on a sheet. The text selector stays on the left while typing – making it impossible to select text and edit/erase. when i move my type selector with my keyboard arrows, the left arrow moves the selector to the right and the right arrow moves it to the left, BUT! when typing the actual typing doesn’t start where the selector is, instead it follows the real directions of my keyboard arrows – making it impossible to know where you are editing/typing.


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Happy Reviting!
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in reply to: Ruach

Totally frustrating.  


Our Arcitect put Revit17 on hold untill it gets ironed out.  


We have spent years perfecting our detail library and titleblocks and this would be too much of a setback.


Glad I am not going crazy 🙂

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in reply to: BrandoniousMaximus

Apparently support is working on a fix for what I just mentioned (mirroring issue) 


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in reply to: Ruach

It seems that if you take away the arrow on a text block, while editing, then add the arrow back it will work somewhat normally. The cursor is still hard to follow or doesn't blink consistently. 

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Nevermind, that doesn't seem to be consistent. Sometimes adjusting the size of the text box works. This is unbelievable! Who was doing the beta testing? Why was this released as such?!!!

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And...What's with the esc key prompting a dialog box? I realize how frustrating it can be to accidentally hit escape and lose what you just wrote but the text in boxes typically aren't bigger than a small paragraph.  Would be nice to turn this feature on/off. 

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As I'm spending more time having to deal with this issue (upgraded a project then did days worth of modeling before annotating and realizing what a disaster this is) I'm noticing something. The problem seems to be primarily with cursor visibility. This is also evident when editing text anywhere in the program so it's a graphics problem?  I tried disabling hardware acceleration with no luck and beyond that don't really know what other options to try.


So this could be described best as the ghost cursor glitch?

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I havent noticed any missing (ghost)cursors just yet.  I can get the strange width problem worked out if I change the Width Factor to .90 from 1.0 but that is a sloppy work around that has not needed to occur in previous upgrades.  Frustrating.

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Update the graphics card driver and you're mouse driver to the latest version.

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I have a fairly recent graphics driver with a new geforce Nvidia card, but have had serious issues with the latest driver un related to Revit. My mouse is up to date. Thank you for the suggestions.
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in reply to: Darin.Green

Updated the graphics card, no dice.  

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My software destributer is telling me to do  what I already figured out.  I changed the "Width Factor" in the Text "Type Properties" box to 0.90 (or in some cases 0.80)  This is a weak fix(I dont like work arounds) but a fix none the less untill they fix the spacing issue.    


I was glad to hear that I wasnt the only one with this issue.  They have a growing list of companies that have the same problem.  

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