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Revit 2016 Schedules - Can I turn off the drop down?

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Revit 2016 Schedules - Can I turn off the drop down?



Relatively new user to Revit here! (I haven't used it too in depth since college and now I'm at a job where I have use it regularly). 


Normally my team works in Revit 2014 because there are some updates in newer versions that slow down our process. One of the main things, if not the main thing, keeping us back from moving up to Revit 2016 (we have access to '18 too but I'm trying to do some baby steps here) is the Drop Down Menu that comes up when we are filling out information in a Schedule. I have an image attached to explain what I mean. Basically we just want to type a number and hit enter to both accept the number that we type and to move down to the next line. Currently we would have to hit enter twice due to this drop down, which may not seem like that much of a hassle but we work so much in Schedules that it really does slow us down.


I've looked through Revit's Options, and through the Schedules' Formatting and Appearance tabs, and I can't seem to find anything to turn this feature off. I'm sure it's useful in some cases, but not in what we do, so it's keeping us from upgrading to versions of Revit later than 2014. If anyone has a solution I, and my team, will be eternally grateful!



Thank you!



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