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Revit 2016, 2017 and 2018 not responsive when opening C4R model

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Revit 2016, 2017 and 2018 not responsive when opening C4R model

Have been dealing with this for awhile. Have not seen others with this problem but we have it for several of our users. Open up Revit 2016, 2017 or 2018(now) go directly to BIM 360 and open a project file and Revit becomes unresponsive. You can click the mouse and just get the unresponsive ding sound. In 2016 and 2017 you could select the R menu and select exit revit. In 2018 since the R menu is now under the file menu it does not work either. What we have been doing to get around this is open a local revit file or family file first. Then go to BIM 360 and open a project file everything works fine then. But if you forget and open the BIM 360 file first 2018 you have to open Task manager and kill the process. Painful. Hoping that this would get fixed but I guess not.  I have attached my latest Journal file. Let me know thanks,

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Hi Nolan,


Is this the first time that those machine has accessed that particular model in C4R? If it is then you are aware that the initial open/access of the model takes time - approximately 10-20 minutes (sometimes 30 even) depending on the file size of the model. Have you also checked the machine's HD space? The machines' HD should have a lot of free space when working in C4R - at least 5 GB of free space. But more the better.


Hope this helps.



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Thank you for your post.  It looks like you are seeing issues when accessing models from the C4R feature within Revit, accessing the BIM360 team hub.  I have seen similar behavior before but it can be isolated to several different items, file, network, user, system, etc.



In this case, please first test another Windows user to compare overall results.  If the same results persists, does this happen on all files or only a select one?  One additional thought is the PC configuration.  Do you have an alternate system you could test logging in and compare overall results?  It is important to identify where the degradation and hold up may lay.  For additional reference I have included a couple helpful links below on troubleshooting issues like this for C4R and Revit.  Thank you again and we look forward to your reply.



Troubleshooting C4R:


Initial C4R fails to initialize for Revit files:

Michael Bussiere II
Support Specialist
Product Support
Autodesk, Inc.
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To be clear, start revit 2017 or 2018. If we do not open a local (non c4r) file revit becomes non-responsive! After we have opened a local (non c4r) file C4R operations are normal! The local file can be a family I immediately open a small faucet family. Once I have done that C4R works normally. But if I start Revit 2017 or 2018 and open a c4r file revit becomes nonresponsive. In 2017 with the R menu you can access exit. In 2018 you have to use task manager to kill it. I have experienced this for at least 18 months now starting with 2016 when I first started using C4R. Multiple machines. I have put up with it in the hopes Autodesk would fix it and the work around is simple. Should open a trouble ticket maybe it will get some attention then. Tech support is a painful process!

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It does not matter what project! As soon as Revit 2016, 2017 or 2018 is started if you do not open a local (non-c4r) or family revit becomes none responsive! So isolating the issue is down to C4R or BIM 360 TEAM I assume since all that has occurred is opening a C4R file. Any of several C4R projects does not matter which. But if we open a non-c4r local file or small family C4R works normally! 

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Thank you for the links. However, this occurs every time REVIT is started and we open any existing C4R file! So neither link applies sorry. Again once a local (non-c4r) file or family is opened C4R works normally. If a C4R file is opened first upon startup Revit becomes non-responsive and you have to kill it.

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I looked through your journal and nothing stands out.

I actually finish loading the model and is sitting idle waiting for input.


The fact that you are experiencing the same problem all version leads me to suspect that it's not a C4R issue but something with your system or add-ons/add-ins.

The 'dinging' sound could indicate that there is something that prevents you from clicking in the main Revit windows, possible something like a dialog.


- I have seen cases where a dialog might pop out outside your screen for some reason. Some dialogs might saved their last known position so they will appear in the same place the next time you use them and if you change your resolution or disconnect a monitor, they might appear outside your current monitor and you can't dismiss it....

- In some rare cases, I have actually seen very small dialogs appear on the screen locking the UI - look on your screen and see if you can find a small dialog somewhere - it might be as small as just the "X"

- Check your graphics driver and see if you have enable any automatics positioning of dialogs


A good way of testing the above might be to sign in on the computer with a different userid (preferable one that has not used Revit before on this computer)



- Another possibility is that there might be some issue with one of your many Add-Ins. There is one 'odd' entry in the final opening stage but I don't know if it's a problem or not:

' 2:< CoordinationModel script: scriptPath: C:\Program Files\Autodesk\Revit 2018\AddIns\CoordinationModel\NavisFileList.ini

' 2:< CoordinationModel script: File doesn't exist

Are you using this Add-In on all the different Revit versions? One test you could do is to disable this AddOn and see if that helps.

How to disable add-ins for Revit






Lars-Ake Johansson
Sr. SQA Engineer
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Really appreciate your response. Took some time and checked your suggestions. I have verified that there is no off screen dialog box. While it does act like another window is asking for attention I cannot see one. The reason why I do not think it is an add-in is that if I open a non-C4R file everything is fine. The only time I experience this is if I open a C4R file (any project) without opening a local non-C4R file or family revit becomes non-responsive!
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in reply to: 109nolangene

The next time this issue happens or if you can reproduce this on command, after Revit hangs, click the Alt key to enable the hotkey menu entries. Then type F for the File Menu and see if that re-enables the user interface.






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in reply to: dswilson

I was able to use the alt +hotkey to bring up the close file option, note that I cannot open another file until I kill Revit with task manager.

I've noticed that this seems to happen when I leave one C4R (BIM 360) job and attempt to open another C4R (BIM 360) job, could that be the trigger to this issue?


Are there any updates or fixes for this?



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