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Revit 2015 misses objects while exporting to dwg/pdf

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Revit 2015 misses objects while exporting to dwg/pdf

Hi all,


I am currently having a problem with the DWG export in Revit


I don't understand why an object which is visible in my current view in Revit completely disappears when i export the same view to DWG or PDF. I attach a screenshot with the revit view and its corresponding export (here is PDF but with dwg it's the same) with missing objects circled in red.


Actually, the object in question is part of an IFC file linked to my Revit project, as all the other visible components in this view.


Did anyone have a similar problem ? Any idea would be grateful.


I can send the ifc file if a test is needed


Thank you in advance for answering


Best regards



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you may need to look at the ifc objects to determine how revit classifies the object and then go into the dwg options within revit to make sure they can be exported and how they are being mapped.

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Kindly try with below options, hope this can help:)


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