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Revit 18.2 R4C vs Revit 18.3.1 (or later)

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Revit 18.2 R4C vs Revit 18.3.1 (or later)

Hello all,


We have a fairly unique situation where our templates are optimised for R18.3.1 however there is a legacy project running on 18.2.


I can actually open a 18.2 project on 18.3.1 and it doesn't do any upgrades.  Conversely, I can open a 18.3.1 template on 18.2.


Question is... are there any adverse effects on an 18.2 project if authoring via  18.3.1?  Our supplier has advised against it and we have rolled back our software to 18.2 to work on the project.


Any feedback on your own experiences would be greatly appreciated 🙂

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It means all partners have a license to use the 2018. Your project should at least contains a document (or protocol of something) stating "when" all partners should update the software.

First, not updating means less support by Autodesk when sending bug reports. The first email you'll receive back when you send the bug report: "it appears you do not have the latest update installed...".

Second, you are using Revit Cloud Worksharing, and this on BIM360 Team. Just remember, when you're starting a project tommorow on BIM360 Docs, it won't be with those machines (you simply need 2018.3 at minimum).

Third, I think the 18.3.1 was an update mainly for a security issue with online projects.


My advice: if you are not the team leader for this project, please advise him to update all partners to the latest update. I can understand actual versions like 2017, 2018, 2019...



Thierry Monteyne

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Thanks for your response Thierry.


Yeah I'm bashing my head against the wall getting this project up to the latest version.  There is a lot of resistance from all the stakeholders.  I guess what I need to know is that  is there any adverse effect running later software on an 18.2 project?  i.e Still Revit 18, but a later version.  It does open the model without upgrading the model so I'm assuming that it should be ok?


This does however go against the advice of our supplier who suggests not to update a project to 18.3.x mid project due to the risk of something happening?

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Working on Revit Cloud Models requires the same build number. If not, model corruption can be possible. It may never happen, but don't take the risk.


Updating midterm has by my knowledge no negative effect on the Cloud Models. Since June 2017 we have been updating our workstations and the models are still OK.



Thierry Monteyne

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@twellins, all releases on a specific major version (e.g. 2018) use the same file format. That means that a file being worked on in 2018.3.1 can be opened in 2018.2 like you noticed. There is no upgrade so no data is changed between point releases. That means that you can work in 2018.3.1 and provide deliverables to someone else working in an earlier point release.

As @ThierryMonteyneSWECO points out, it is not recommended that multiple people actively modify the same workshared model with different versions. This could result in slight oddities in terms of updates in the model - for the most part probably not a big deal, but it means that the model may at times behave in a slightly unexpected manner. Corruption is an extreme case and not expected.


So if everyone working on the model is in the same version, and you're delivering the model for linking or documentation purposes to someone working in an earlier version then you should be fine. 

It's worth mentioning that we highly recommend upgrading to the latest version of each major release for reasons of stability and performance (not to mention the new features!). Here's a old blog post from me on the subject:

Sasha Crotty
Director, AEC Design Data

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