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Restore Previous Versions - Save out previous version but don't restore?

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Restore Previous Versions - Save out previous version but don't restore?

From the manage A360 models I would like the ability to simply open a previous version and save it out without having to restore to the previous version and delete all verisons after that version. I beleive this is how the revit central model backup works. 



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You need to publish the models, log into the web interface, and download them from there. You can only do this with current models, you cannot publish earlier versions of those models. However, you can download earlier published versions.



Follow these steps:




Here is some official information:



Let me know if this helped to solve the issue!



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Hi Didi, 


I'm aware of the how to publish versions but like I said, I need to open one of the previous versions and not restore it. This is common functionality in a regular Revit central file. 



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In that case, there is nothing you can do, unless you would be willing to lose your current file. If it is possible to restore a previous version of a published project, then publish it and then restore it.

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Thanks for the Clarification Didi. 

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in reply to: SteveDFThorne



I agree with you as well. We need an option to save out any previous version of the Revit Cloud Model within the Manage A360 Model > View Version interface. If the previous versions are saved, restore should not be the only option. I request that Autodesk add a Save As option for Archiving to our servers. Otherwise, the Publish option should have an automatic publish feature that can be scheduled on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.




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in reply to: VJGnewman71

I would love the ability to do the same thing.

Look at the model and "Restore Locally to Previous Sync"


Currently, we're doing 3 methods (which is kind of a waste of time and I'd love it to be automated) depending on the size of the project.


With one project, we simply publish all the models every morning so we can pull a back up if we need to.  Again this is a necessary task, but something that should be totally automated.  


With another project we're Publishing the Models every morning and then download them to save to our network for Save Keeping so we always have a copy we can work on.


The other solution we use (which again is a horrific workaround) is to kick everyone out of the model.  Publish the latest model.  Download the latest model to your Local Network.  Then roll back the project to the date/time you want.  Save that model back to your local network.  Then overwrite the model on C4R with the "Current" model that you downloaded first.  From there you can open up the model you rolled back (Detached) and grab the elements that you want/need.  


On projects that we have on our network we save "live" snap shots" every day so we can always go back without having to archive the model all the time.  This when we make all the client changes, show them the new design, and 2mth later then come back and ask to get the previous layout back, we can just pull the model from the Snap Shot, open it detached, and copy and paste the model elements we need.  

We use this workflow all the time.  It would be great if you could do something similar with C4R.  Should be easy in my mind.  But then again, should be easy to set permissions for access to the Live models on C4R separate from the permissions for the items hosted on the BIM360 side.  

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