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[Request for Feedback] Design Change Visualization in A360 Team

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[Request for Feedback] Design Change Visualization in A360 Team

Hey All,
We recently released a new workflow in our web viewer on A360 that allows you visually understand how designs are changing between versions.  Read about it more here.


A Little Back Story
We built this based upon research with folks like yourselves that clearly communicated to us that consuming models from other teams can be a disruptive process.  We heard many stories about teams poring over sheet sets looking for revision clouds, and lamenting the changes that weren't captured in the formal documentation.  You also told us that a key first step of efficiently consuming new versions of models (commonly from other design teams) often starts with understanding what things changed in that new version.  So, we set out to try to make this process easier; this is our first customer-visible result of this investment.


A Few Things to Know

  • We wanted to deliver this value to as many customers as possible, for as many data formats as possible, so we used our web viewer coupled with our cloud translation pipeline, to deliver the workflow.  Because of this, it works for RVTs (2013-2017 formats), NWD, IFCs, and other model-based data you can throw at our cloud.
  • Yes, we realize that Revit could do a better job in this area, and this investment is not meant to replace any other investments we may make in Revit itself.  We are seeking feedback on this particular workflow, and how it may/may not help you and your teams, but you are welcome to respond with "this is cool/crap/awesome/bleh, but Revit should really do X" if you so choose.
  • This is not unique to cloud workshared Revit models in C4R, but anything uploaded to the A360 Team product.

What We Want to Know

  1. In what situations do you see your team using this new workflow?
  2. What decisions would it help you make?  What problems might it help you avoid?
  3. What can we do to make it more useful for you and your team?

We look forward to hearing from you.

Kyle & the Product Team

Kyle Bernhardt
Building Design Strategy
Autodesk, Inc.


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