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Replacing central cloud model

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Replacing central cloud model



I have a model, thats been downloaded from BIM 360 cloud and modified, now i want to replace the central model with the modified model?


I can't see any options for this. i've also needed this before when i couldn't sync after making lots of changes, i then had to save the model locally.


Thanks in advance


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in reply to: robert.spink

To my knowledge there still isn't a way to directly replace a Revit C4R model on the cloud.  We run into this with consultant files and it is a pain in the rear.  You will have to upload it as a file with a different name, remove the old one and then rename the new one.


It is sort of like hopping in the way back machine to Revit Server 2013...

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Thank you for your post.  In this case, if the model was taken offline from the cloud, modified, and then is ready to be saved back, it will not overwrite existing model on the cloud in the hub.  To replace, you would need to delete the model form the website (or rename if need for some other reason) to then save your new model through Revit, back to the cloud.   To help overview this I have included a helpful link and information below.  Please let us know if this helped and if there are any questions.  Thank you and we look forward to your reply.


Manage Cloud Models:


Delete/restore models:



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Thanks for the replies,

I'm already replacing the file in the way suggested, This unfortunately loses any comments and mark ups. luckily i'm only trying this out on small private jobs.

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It does not work if the cloud model is used by other discipline as a link file when it is deleted and a new revit model with the same name is uploaded to c4r replace the old. The "older" cloud model that is used as a link model will be unloaded from the host model.

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Has this been corrected yet? We have two ACC Accounts that are bridged, with new consultant models we are struggling to overwrite our working cloud. How on earth do we overwrite a cloud model to get versioning?

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