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Remote work internet speeds

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Remote work internet speeds

Hi, I've been working remotely for 3 years now and in different locations. Usually I'm connected to the office VPN and it's ok to download/upload to the VPN when I'm in NY, but performance drops drastically soon as I leave New York. It doesn't matter about the internet service that I have. I had the following internet services:


New York 1000mbps download (FAST)

Colombia 550mbps download, 40mbps upload (slow to VPN)

Florida 100mbps download (slow to VPN)

Brazil 50mbps, 5mbps upload (slow to VPN)

then I upgraded to 1000MBPS but upload/download speeds remained the same when connected to the VPN 


So the reason for this post is to see everyone else experience. I'm looking for my next furnished apartment here in Colombia and I've seen as low as 30MBPS and 50MBPS internet connections. I've passed on these apartments for the internet speed, but I hate to pass on nice apartments because of the internet connection. Do you think 30MBPS is sufficient for Revit, video calls, and downloading/uploading CAD files from the office VPN in NYC?

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When it comes to remote work, internet speed plays a vital role, especially when using VPN connections for tasks such as file transfers and video calls. You test your internet speed through eolo speed test tool.  While local internet services might provide fast speeds, connecting to a VPN can result in performance drops due to factors like encryption and network distance. The experience of working remotely in different locations suggests that internet speed is not solely dependent on the service provider but also influenced by the region's network infrastructure. For smooth remote work, certain minimum speeds are recommended: around 3-5Mbps for video calls, 10-20Mbps for file transfers, and higher speeds for working with large files or using applications like Revit and CAD. While 30Mbps may suffice for basic tasks, it might not provide optimal performance for more demanding activities. It's advisable to aim for internet connections with speeds of 50Mbps or higher to ensure a smoother remote work experience. 

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