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Re: Unrecoverable Error

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Re: Unrecoverable Error

Hi Bud!


We are receiving this error when trying to use "reload from" in a Collaboration for Revit model. Our structural team has decided to use C4R with us and we were replacing our old file that we had been uploading with their new file that they had posted to the cloud. Same thing happened - error and then the file closed. I was able to get a screenshot but not a screencast. If you have an email I'd be happy to send that to you. I can't post because of file names.

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hi Christina, i've moved this post of yours into the C4R team forum so that team can assist further on this request since specific to C4R.



Brett Wright
Community Manager
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Thanks Brett!


We had our structural engineer re-upload and it seemed to fix the issue. It may have been corrupted somehow during upload? The curious part is he was able to continue working on it in the cloud and the model worked fine on his end. It just wouldn't reload for us. I'm still not 100% sure what happened. 

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