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Random modeled elements missing/deleted

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Random modeled elements missing/deleted

I am curious if anyone else has been having this problem using C4R. I am in 2018.2 using C4R that has 3 structural models to it. Over the last month we have encounter missing modeled elements with no warning. First in one model I notice that all the columns were gone in every view. Interesting part that the live column schedule still showed their location, but no columns visible any where. Second was in another model that is connected to this project, that all the existing level 1 slab, isolated footings and wall foundations were deleted. My first assumption was user error, but you would have to really work to delete all that on accident. 


Has anyone else seen this before? I know Autodesk rolled out the update to fix the corruption that there many missing elements, but could this be apart of that without a warning when opening the project? 

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Having worked on supporting users for several years now, I heard the mystery of the disappearing objects many times, but there is always an explanation to where they are hiding and still alive and well in your model.


Here are a few tips and suggestions for things to try:


1. Things to check 

  • Phases (Does your project HAVE phases? are you using phases to control graphics? do we have any rogue objects?) 
  • worksets (closed upon opening the model, or turned off in view, or in ALL views, or by a template)
  • View level of detail (will they show in FINE?)
  • Design Options - move an object to a non-primary design option and voila! the object is now gone!
  • Did the object (such as a column) clean up with a wall?
  • I know this one is obvious, but make sure the category and sub-category are correct and not overridden to be invisible in the view.

2. things to try 

  • Create brand new views for plan view(s) and 3D - can you see the object. Use the Glasses tool below to isolate the category. 
  • If you can see it in a schedule, use the "Highlight in the model" icon to go find it
  • Use the SELECTION BOX tool to crop a 3D view to see the object
  • Don't only rely on plan views (sadly some users do) but expand your search to 3D views, sections, and schedules etc. 
  • Edit the family to inspect visibility, and maybe test it on a new project where it's easier to view it.
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in reply to: Basam.Yousif

I would agree with you that there is a high chance that this is an user error. Unfortunately I can not recreate the problem until it happens again. Being the BIM manager on the project I did check everything that has been listed since I was the one that created the project and managing it as well. One other thing I can try is using the explorer tool to see if Revit is counting those elements and that should give me an idea of whether if its been deleted or not. I am also considering that someone has a corrupt Cache file that needs to be cleared out since we did experience all three models becoming corrupt the first week in C4R.


Thank you for your answer and they are all good reminders of what to check since there can be some many ways of not seeing elements!

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