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"You are not a member of any BIM 360 Team Projects" despite subscription

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"You are not a member of any BIM 360 Team Projects" despite subscription


I am using Revit 2018 and subscribed to BIM 360 Design so I can take advantage of design collaboration. 

I uploaded the project to BIM 360 as administrator and added my partner to the project as administrator. 

No matter what I do, I get the error message that I am not a member of any BIM 360 Team Projects. 

I twittered AutoDesk, they can't figure it out and recommended I post on this board for help. 


Any insights as to why this is happening are appreciated. 




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It may be that you need to update Revit 2018. If you have yet to install the most current update, that could well be the issue.  See How to tie the Build number with the Revit update

(Scroll to the bottom of that article to see how to check your build number)

You want the Revit build number to be 2018.3.1  (20180423_1000)


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Martin Stewart
AEC Support Specialist
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Thanks for your response. I, indeed, have the first customer ship version and went to my autodesk portal for the 

upgrade to 2018.3.1. However, when I click the link for updates and add-ons, I get this message:

"No results were found. Please try a different search.", making it challenging to update...
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Perhaps just search 2018 and look through the list.

Or try your Autodesk Desktop App

Or contact your software Admin for assistance. It may be they need to provide the update to you.



Martin Stewart
AEC Support Specialist

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