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"Save as Cloud Model" is a slow and manual process - Bulk conversion is needed

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"Save as Cloud Model" is a slow and manual process - Bulk conversion is needed


I find extremely slow and archaic the manual process of converting a local Revit file into a "Cloud Model". 

As seen in the attached picture, in my company we often convert external Revit files (shared in non native Autodesk Common Data Environments) into "Revit Cloud Models" saved in our internal BIM360 environment. 

The process to convert a Revit File into a Cloud Model is very slow and must be done file by file. For example, for a project composed of 10 models with a weekly delivery frequence this process can take more than 1.5h every week (10 x 10min) just to have updated  Cloud Models.

"Cloud Models for Revit" is a pay service we are charged for. However, the workflow to update the external Revit References" hosted in BIM360 is a lot more simple and fast without using this function (A simple Upload into BIM360 is enough)

With the current workflows the benefits of this service do not compensate the disadvantages and I start to thing wether this service it's worth.

On top of this problem, when you use the option "Save as Cloud Model" you cannot upload a file using the same name as an existing file in BIM360 and generate a newer version.  Loading "Non Cloud Models" is much more practical also in this situtation, they automatically create a newer version on top the existing file.

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It sounds like you are trying to use BIM360 like it's a network drive, which it is not. You need a different solution if you want to maintain your current workflow.

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