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"Native" files and Worksharing

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"Native" files and Worksharing

I am working on a large worksharing project, and everybody is using Revit and Navisworks.  It is a file based worksharing project.  Everybody downloaded the central models (8 models @ around 400 mb on average).  We all then produce .nwc files to upload and combine into a big .nwd file.  


The client intends to use the models we have created to coordinate construction on site using our data and the client's surveying equipment.  He has asked for our "native" Revit files to use for the on site coordination and location process.  I noticed that the .rvt files other subcontractors are uploading as their "native" files are MUCH smaller than the 300-500mb files that we all downloaded.  


The files appear to be Revit files containing ONLY each trade's geometry.  (The fire protection model is ONLY fire protection pipes, sprinklers, etc. and therefore is a much smaller file size.)


So, my question is:


How do I isolate my geometry to provide a "native" .rvt file at approximately 10% of the original file size and containing only my geometry?

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you have 3 options that I can think of if you want to export just a 3d view that contains the model geometry:



Option 1: (Simpler if you have the model open and want to export exactly that view and orientation)

  • Create a 3D view where only only the elements that you want are visible and
  • Place this view on a sheet that can be blank (no title block family needed).
  • After you do this if you right click on the sheet name you will be able to save that sheet as a new file. The new file will contain a trimmed down version of your project.


Option 2: (Most common but requires all models closed)

Using eTransmit on the Add Files section

  • Uncheck all options

on the Upgrade and Cleanup options section choose:

  • Cleanup
  • Disable worksets
  • Purge unused
  • Select Remove all sheets but include and
  • Uncheck all categories in the Select button


Option 3: (Manual option)

  • Purge your model until the number of items checked is down to 0 and remove any unwanted views (drafting, detail, elevations, plans, structural, area), links, renders, schedules, Legends and walkthroughs
  • Delete all sheets
  • Save as a new file



Please add a post with how you decide to proceed and your results so other Community members may benefit.


Please hit the Accept as Solution button if a post or posts solves your issue or answers your question.

Tino Freitas
Technical Support Specialist
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