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"Do not have permission to complete this action..." - multiple users, multiple projects...?

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"Do not have permission to complete this action..." - multiple users, multiple projects...?

Anyone else have problems with BIM 360 projects right now?  (9/29/2022   6pm, PDT)

Several users here, on several different projects no longer have access to Revit Cloud Worksharing models?
It's not affecting everybody, but enough that it seems like an issue with BIM 360. But the health dashboard doesn't show anything wrong...

Hopefully not everyone from Autodesk is partying in New Orleans right now, and someone can take a look at it.


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in reply to: colinSRA

Hi Colin -


Thank you for reporting this.  We received similar reports from a number of users and we are working to resolve this as soon as possible.  You can find updates at

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in reply to: emarcus

Any update on this - experiencing the same behavior here, and the linked page is useless information.

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in reply to: dehelsel

It's not useless. It tells you that BIM 360 is up and running properly. So, the problem lies elsewhere.

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in reply to: dehelsel

Yes, the issue was resolved (as far as I can tell), so the Health Dashboard is reporting everything operating normally.

If you click on "Revit Cloud Worksharing / Cloud Models" you can see some of the past issues. There is an old outage listed under September 2022, with a bit more information available (but no exact cause given).

It does seem to be working normally for us this morning.

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