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question about linking model between consultants

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question about linking model between consultants

is it possible for me to link revit model from consultant own cloud? and will it be possible for me to see the sheet files in the linked model?

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in reply to: xu.teng

Can you please explain more about "consultant own cloud"?  And which cloud are  you in?


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in reply to: jade.l

the thing is that both my company and our consultant have our own different clouds. and I want to know if the central model from our cloud can link the consultant model from their cloud. So both of us don't need to worry about safety of the central models. 

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in reply to: xu.teng

@xu.teng When you say “my company and our consultant have our own different clouds” if you are referring to different BIM 360 Accounts, then you could use the Desktop Connector to link Revit models between the different BIM 360 accounts.


Note: If these are Cloud Models or Cloud Worksharing Models with nested links, this can lead to errors if you are not careful regarding how the links and host model are published. For more details on this, see the following article: "Failed to open document" when adding links to a Revit model through the Desktop Connector


If you are not referring to different BIM 360 Accounts what are the different cloud services that you and your consultant are using?

Lance Coffey

Technical Support Specialist
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in reply to: xu.teng

when u link that revit file its not possible to see sheet file. when you want to see sheet file u have to open that separately .

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