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Published models are too heavy

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Published models are too heavy

Hi everyone,


We have always faced an issue while using Design Collaboration as well as linking models in Revit. Revit files are too heavy! We require each team to publish views of the same sectors so we can easily analyse clashes one sector at the time in Model Coordination. Honestly, to me, that's the only upside to the publishing feature.


When we hit Publish, Revit proceeds with the active sets in Publishing settings and increments a version of the file itself in the BIM 360 team's folder.


I'd like to suggest an improvement to the Dev team: Can eTransmit be part of the publishing settings? Right now, the Publishing settings in Revit allow us to define sets and views. The current publishing settings window could be the window #1 and a Next button would lead to a window #2. That window #2 would be it, options to strip off all the waste so models in BIM 360 and links from the cloud could finally be lighter.

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Hi mmonnierOTI.


Your suggested improvement is interesting. Autodesk has a forum specifically designed for passing along improvement proposals; it's the Revit Ideas Forum. If you add your idea to that forum, other users will see it and can add their weight to it as well by voting for it. Good ideas, particularly those which receive many user votes, are often noticed by product managers and incorporated into the product roadmap to enhance the user experience.


So, please add your proposal to that forum. And since streamlining the publishing process is always a goal of ours, I'll also look into aspects of this proposal internally to see what's possible. No promises on that, but if I find something I'd like to push forward, it would surely be helpful to link it to a highly upvoted entry in Revit Ideas.


Thanks for your input and your insight!


Kevin Short
Senior Product Owner

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