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Published model does not load and cannot be viewed

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Published model does not load and cannot be viewed

Occasionally when Publishing a model to A360 from C4R, the viewer will not load the model.
It gets stuck on the loading screen and does not advance. Re-publishing the model usually works.

Is this an upload issue? Connectivity problem? Something else?
Time wasted on this can get silly.

Thanks team!

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Sorry about the challenges here.  Sounds like a transient failure in our translation pipeline.  Without tracing the translation job it's difficult to tell you exactly what caused the issue.


I see you're a Stantec employee, so I'd highly recommend that you report the issue through your existing support channel with us, and let us know the file name and time when you kicked off the translation job.  We can look under the hood and see what's causing the failure.



Kyle Bernhardt
Building Design Strategy
Autodesk, Inc.

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