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Publish All does not publish all, why?

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Publish All does not publish all, why?

Does the Command/Action (Publish All) ONLY publish files that have (new data/ updates)? Is there no way to force a (Publish All) of ALL files?


I Publish All by


  1. Click Collaborate tabManage Models panel  (Manage Cloud Models).
  2. Select a cloud project.
  3. Publish all, click (Actions) and click Publish All. 
  4. See image below as an example. I have published all and waited an hour for the dashboard to reflect the publish time, but only some files seem to be newly published as of today. But in contrast the "Last Updated Time" was long ago.



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in reply to: dbrokaw

Hi, dbrokaw,


Welcome to the Revit Forum! I'm Judy from Revit Technical Support and I'll be happy to help you out with the publishing problem you're seeing, where only some models are published after you click "publish all."


A couple of things to check:

1.Do all users have the latest build of Revit installed? (I'm assuming you're using Revit 2017, so the latest build is 2017.2.3.) If not, does getting everyone updated clear the problem?


2. Each model needs to be synced before publishing. It appears that they have not been synced since they were last published, so please try opening these and syncing, and then try Publish All again.


Please let me know if this helps! If it does, please click the Accept as Solution button to make the solution easier to find. If you need more help, let me know and I'll continue troubleshooting. Looking forward to hearing from you!







Product Support Specialist, AEC

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