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Projects not Showing while collaborating to BIM360

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Projects not Showing while collaborating to BIM360

I am using Revit 2020.2.9.
When i am trying to open a project from BIM 360, - Everything is good and fine. I do have Admin access to the project. But when I am Tying to Collaborate a new file into my BIM360 project, Nothing is showing on Collaborated Cloud window. Please find the screenshot below.


I have the latest version of "Desktop connecter" installed on my PC and have all the access to the project. But still, nothing is showing on Collaborate window... Why this is happening..?

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in reply to: pratheeshjaison

did you enable the design licence on bim360? being admin won't check that option by default.

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in reply to: Yien_Chao

yes.. Its all enabled. 

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I just removed the NWC add-in with 2020 and it resolved a similar issue I had in 2020. 

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in reply to: mlwellhausen

i added NWC addins and it still working properly.


@pratheeshjaison  do you mind to invite me so i can take a look?

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