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Projects not showing in Team hub

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Projects not showing in Team hub

Using Revit we uploaded projects to A360.  When we go into the A360 Project Team Hub the projects do not show up.  I selected 3D views (Views in A360) and saved to central then published.  They should be there.  I see a note on Autodesk saying they are having cloud storage issues but I wanted to verify that the process I am following is correct and that this is likely just their online issues of the day.

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We are also not seeing our models that are on C4R publishing to A360.  I have synce, published waited about 14 hours still not showing on A60

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Ours showed up this morning. Guessing ADesk had an issue with their servers yesterday. Working now.
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I figured that after the slew of emails over the weekend, but still not showing on A360 right now. I even re-published the file from Revit.  C4R thinks its published but A360 does not show

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We are still experiencing issues with A360 Team and that includes publishing of C4R models to the hub and are working on a solution to the issue


Please see the health page for more details and updates when the problem is solved.


Sorry for the inconvenient.



Lars-Ake Johansson
Sr. SQA Engineer
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in reply to: chubbard

Looks like ADesk has acknowledged that there might still be a problem but in the meantime, make sure you are designating at least one view (sheet or model) in the "Views for A360" tab for your projects. Just a thought though I suspect once the issues at Autodesk are worked out your problems will disappear.

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