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Project Roles and Permission

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Project Roles and Permission

Hi there,


I would like to check, as we are planning to create one project under the hub for different parties such as the project manager, architect, M&E engineer, C&S engineer, contractor, etc and etc.


Is there a way to restrict their permission within the project? As of now, I realise that even down to project contributor they are able to delete the files which is not what we are looking for? Are we able to create sub folders within the project and restrict each of the use just like how we can do on A360 Drive. Additionally, when files are delete, is there no notification to notify all parties?




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in reply to: CWanYing

Hello @CWanYing


From your description, this topic seems to be related and provide answers to your question:


Folder permissions on A360 Team



Let me know what you think.



Best regards,



Adham Mokhtar
Technical Support Specialist
San José, Costa Rica

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