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Project member (aka admin) can't access project through Revit

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Project member (aka admin) can't access project through Revit

I have been trying to Create, upload and share a project onto A360 for hours now. I succeded this morning only to realise that it was created into someone else's team hub from which I was a part of. I erased everything I started from scratch again.

1. Creating a project under my hub

2. Uploading extra linked files to the project folder

3. Connected to my account through Revit (for which I have a A360 licence)

4. Can't upload a local file to A360 from the Worksharing tab "Collaborate on 360". It's telling me "You cannont use the option "Collaborate Using A360 because you do not have access to any A360 projects" but I'm the one who created the project.

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Just to be sure; do you also have a license for Collaboration for Revit (C4R) and have you assigned it to you from the page?

Jay Miller

BHB Consulting Engineers, P.C.

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