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Problems to create a family for wire suspensions

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Problems to create a family for wire suspensions



I work as a lighting designer and need to build up our luminaires and equipment in a Revit model.

Now I have some problems to create a Revit family for wire suspension. With wire suspension I mean a metal wire where street luminaires are hanging on.


First of all it is a BIM project what means we need to make a schedule in the end to calculate how much wire we need.

The problem is which family this wire should belong to when I create it.


The easiest way is to just use the conduit commands and create a "type" with the name wire. Because with conduits you can "draw" from point to point. You can easy get all information you need in the schedule. You don't need to create a generic model family and then split the family in different types because every place have different lengths.

BUT the problem is a wire is not a conduit.

Tried to make a generic model but when you make a generic model you can't have length as an instance (easiest way as you can just make it longer with the "arrow") then you can´t see the length in the schedule. And then of course you can't make it as a generic model because you can't create a schedule of it.


I tried to make it as a mechanical equipment but then you can't show the lengths in the schedule.


So how should I do it?
Tried to google it but found nothing.

In the schedule i need to see types, dimensions and length and of course a lot of BIM parameters.

Maybe there is a wire finished in revit?


A simple problem but are really stuck in details now 😕
Could you guys help me out?


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