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Problem with Collaborate Pro Design Collaboration "calculating"

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Problem with Collaborate Pro Design Collaboration "calculating"


I'm placing a workshared project on the Collaborate Pro from Revit 2022.

However since yesterday it keeps on stalling on "calculating for downloading host"
And the project is already open however the screen from opening the project doenst fill the progress bar and it keeps showing "calculating for downloading host" doing nothing.


I tried a new project with basic 1 team, and not yet a shared coordination folder. then everything works untill I add some settings in the Design Collaboration.


How can I get this working again, because i cant delete project only archive, so rename as corrupt and make a new project environment. And then fingers crossed to keep it working.




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in reply to: slui5F78J

Hi @slui5F78J ,


If you haven't opened a support case already, could you send a journal that is logging this operation?

The development teams might be able to spot what's happening.


Thank you!


Bogdan Matei
Product Manager, Revit Cloud Worksharing
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in reply to: slui5F78J

Did you try to clear all cache folders and restart ?


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