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Problem:In Revit 2020 I do not see projct and files from BIM 360

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Problem:In Revit 2020 I do not see projct and files from BIM 360



I make subscription for "BIM Collaboration Pro" (picture 3 below) cloud for collaboration, but I now have problem that I do not see my project and files in Revit 2020 (picture 1 below)?


Is there any solution how can I solve this?


Thanks in advance1. revit 2020_no show projects.png2. ACC projects open files.PNG3. Subscription for BIM 360 collaboration.PNG

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in reply to: ctoY7LBB

Please check the cloud model version in the doc project that you would like to access.  Only the 2020 project will be list in Revit 2020.  You may refer to this link. 


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in reply to: jade.l

Hi Jade,
your link:

says that only Revit 2021 can make worksharing. Is thare any version of "BIM Collaborate Pro" which can make collaboration and worksharing with Revit 2020. My projects are in Revit 2020 and I need worksharing with "BIM Collaborate Pro" through Revit 2020. Please give me some solution, I will appreciate it. Thanks in advance.
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in reply to: ctoY7LBB

Hi, the following is some check steps:

1. check if the ctoY7xx account is host in EU or US. If it is a EU docs account, you can upload/open a cloud model in EU data center via Revit 2021 and later version.  The url of EU is  while US is  

2. if it is not an EU docs account, please open the docs via weblink and check if there is any docs project is created under that account.  If not, please refer to this link 

3. if there is a docs project created already,  please check the uploaded cloud models. If the cloud models are not in the 2020 version, you won't see this project in the 2020 version of Revit.   In this case, you need to create a new project first, you should be able to see it in R2020 and start to do the cloud worksharing. 


Hope these helps. 


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