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Preparing.rvt for viewing hangs....

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Preparing.rvt for viewing hangs....



I've got a problem with BIM306team.


We had a free Team-Hub (60day )  and turned it today into one with a license (C4R 4 users) + BIM360team 25 users)


After assigning the contract-number to the hub using the contract manager, the following problem occurs:


We opened the model in Revit.

We published the model to the cloud, then:

The views keep preparing instead of showing them.

I still can synchronize the model in the cloud


We tried the following the following procedure:

- We downloaded the model from the cloud to local

- We deleted the model in the cloud using Manage Cloud Models (in Revit)

- We opened the downloaded model and saved it back to the cloud

- The Sheets we wanted to publish were still selected in the Publish Settings

- We published the model using Manage Cloud Models

- Then same same issue reoccurs...


The problem described above did't happen in the free version of BIM360team

It worked all quite well...




What went wrong???views hangs.JPG




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in reply to: b.gorkom

It took a long time for preparing views when you migrate from free to subscription.

The next day the views were all visible.



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