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Planned Maintenance - Jan 19 or 20

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Planned Maintenance - Jan 19 or 20

So it would appear that Autodesk has changed the times for the Planned maintenance for this weekend (Jan 19-20)


However the email I received doesn't match what's listed on the health page.

Email says Sunday Jan 20 6am to 7am PST. for design collaboration

But now the Cloud Worksharing (which was schedule for late Saturday Night) now say Sunday Jan 20 at 11am CST to NoonCST?????

Can someone please tell me which one is correct?

Changes to Planned Maintenance this late in the game cause many problems.  It's really hard for project teams to plan around a schedule that keeps changing.



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Hi David,


The intent of these advance notifications is to make your life easier, not more stressful. Apologies for any confusion.

I have an email that says there will be system maintenance from 6:00 AM to 7:00 AM PST (GMT-8), Sunday, January 20, 2019.  

That matches what's on the health dashboard currently.

I think you can plan for that 1 hour maintenance this weekend for that time.



Martin Stewart
AEC Support Specialist
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The health website appears to have been updated to show the correct time now.


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The maintenance was originally scheduled for 8 PM - 9PM Pacific on January 19.  However, based on feedback from our customers in the Middle East (where Sunday is a working day), we have adjusted the time to 6 AM - 7 AM Pacific on Sunday morning January 20.  Please accept our apologies for any confusion, and we will send out a clarifying email to all admins to confirm the new time.


Thank you for using BIM 360.


Best Regards,

Joan Allen

Autodesk BIM 360

Joan Allen
Sr. Group Product Manager
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