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Option to cancel opening a BIM360 project

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Option to cancel opening a BIM360 project

I have a model that's really finicky when it comes to opening it from BIM360. Sometimes it opens just fine, and sometimes it freezes up all of Revit and I end up having to crash and reboot, which I've now lost hours of work to. Just simply having a "cancel opening" button on the "Open Model" dialogue box would solve the problem.

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I have the same problem, I have a model open, needed to quickly open a different model. That model did not open, but I can't get back to my perfectly fine model behind the opening dialog box. I was able to open the second model in a second session of revit just fine, but really need my first session to cancel the opening because there are a lot of unsynced changes in there. 

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So, an update. I gave up and was going home. I unplugged my laptop from my dock, which forced the internet to switch from wired to wireless and revit onto 1 screen. Magically it started working again. No idea why, but this may be a good thing to try for anyone finding themselves reading this. 

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