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Operation Could not be completed

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Operation Could not be completed

I have see this question a few times but I still don't understand how to fix this connection issue.  In Revit Server Accelerator I am connected to the server that is Host/Accelerator/Admin and holds this model.


Here is the kicker... I did some testing and it doesn't happens all the time.  I can be saving fine all day or it can happen every two minutes?!?!

The way I fix it is go to the Revit Server and just select the model in the browser?!?!  Once I click on the model it allows the users to save?



Please let me know if you need anything else for this one.

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in reply to: mfiglarz

Hello Martin, 



My name is Giosuè, I am a Revit specialist. 


Please carefully review the links below which may help you in resolving the issue: 


Revit Server Error: "This operation could not be completed. Please try again."


Error: "Operation Could Not be Completed" when saving to Revit Server


Error: "Operation could not be completed", when saving Autodesk Revit® 2013 project to Revit Server ...


Operation Could Not Be Completed


I remain available for further clarifications. In case I don't hear back from you within 2 business days, I will proceed to archive the case. However, you can still post your thoughts and comments in this thread. 

Cordiali saluti / Kind regards

Giosuè Garita
Autodesk, Inc.

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in reply to: Giosue.Garita

"I have see this question a few times but I still don't understand how to fix this connection issue."

I have seen all these and read them all already... that's why I went ahead and posted the journal/server log because that was some of the items that came up.

Still having the same issue with only this one model. I have recreated the model/audit/purged and still have issue.
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in reply to: mfiglarz

Thank you for your answer Martin, 


I am reviewing this case with one of my colleagues. We shall get back to you soon. 

Cordiali saluti / Kind regards

Giosuè Garita
Autodesk, Inc.

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in reply to: mfiglarz

Hi, Martin,

I'm Judy, a Revit specialist, and I'll be happy to help with the Revit server problem you're having. Thank you for posting the journal. It gave an indication of what the problem might be, and I have some suggestions for steps you can take that may fix it. 


It could be that Wiindows permissions are not allowing Revit Server to access/write to the required components. Please try this procedure and let me know if it solves the problem:

  1. On the Revit Server host, go to the Services folder within the Revit Server installation (by default C:\Program Files\Autodesk\Revit Server ####\Services folder).
    (Replace #### with the Revit Server version e.g. 2015.)
  2. Right click on Services, and go to properties.
  3. Go to the Security tab.
  4. Add Network Service to the users listed (it would not be listed here by default)
  5. Set permissions for Network Service to Read, Write, and Execute.
  6. Click OK to exit the dialogs, and retest accessing Revit Server from the workstation.

If this doesn't solve the problem, please send a new journal file so we can review the changes, and also please post the Revit Server logs. Please see How to gather clean server logs for troubleshooting Revit Server for instructions on collecting the RS log files. 


Thanks! Let me know what happens.

Judy Staicer



Product Support Specialist, AEC

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in reply to: Judy_S

Going to do the second test Judy... the RS log!
The 1st solution was a bust 😞

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