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Opening in Revit an ACC RVT file that was uploaded directly to ACC

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Opening in Revit an ACC RVT file that was uploaded directly to ACC

This project has come in two phases and has two separate ACC projects.  Phase 1 was done in 2018 and includes a Federated Site model along with about 70 linked Revit files.  I need to see these models georeferenced with the the phase 2 models (Revit 2022)


I e-transmitted everything from the first phase upgraded to Revit 2022 to my desktop, then uploaded the files directly to the new ACC project folder for phase 2.  I can see the RVT models on ACC, open them, twirl them around, etc., but can't see them in Revit.


I know in the past I have had to open each file in Revit individually, collaborate in cloud, save them to ACC, then relink everything there, but I was really hoping I could upload everything to ACC and press a button that makes them work-shared.


Is this possible and can someone explain technically why we don't have that option?



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well, you kinda have the option to upgrade all the files in another version, but it has to be already a project in ACC. if you e-transmit phase 1, you will have to manually create each central file you needed in the new ACC project.



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