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Open Model Dialog Freezing

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Open Model Dialog Freezing

We have a user who has a new C4R project started up. When opening some of the files, the Open Model dialog box seems to freeze. She has done some renaming of files through BIM 360 which may have caused some issues with links. Has anyone else had this issue?

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in reply to: shawn

We have seen freezing of the open (and syncing) dialog in the past.  Subsequent updates seemed to fix it though.  If it was just this one specific user having issues, the first thing I would do is go delete the local cache files.  They will rebuild themselves upon reopening the file.


If that doesn't fix it I would probably open a support ticket with Autodesk and attach some journal files for them to look at.  Otherwise you could just be blindly guessing at the issue.

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in reply to: nbower

It seems to be working fine now. I think the issue was the renaming of the files and the server just needed to synchronize. 

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