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Onedrive and Revit Don't Play Well Together????

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Onedrive and Revit Don't Play Well Together????

It seems that Revit and MS's OneDrive don't play well together. I've noticed in using AutoCAD with it that it creates many duplicates of a file with appended names due to the lack of ability for the Onedrive folder to recognize then way AutoCAD creates *.bak files, I think. Results are less than desirable and can really gobble up disk/onedrive space fast.


With Revit now, I've noticed something slightly different. Today I went to continue working on the file that I last worked on just last night. I clicked on the image in "Recent Files" and was presented with a much older version of the file! I thought I had lost my work even though I was QUITE certain I had saved it. I had to go digging into my local Onedrive folder and found it, with a new name. Somehow Windows must have renamed the file (maybe when it was being saved last night?) and had appended the name of the computer that was being used to work on the file.


This is becoming a bit of a nightmare for file management. So, is this a bug in Revit and how it plays with Microsoft's OneDrive? Is it a "feature" by Autodesk meant to help promote use of its  own cloud-based storage system?


Anyone successfully use Onedrive for syncing files across machines with Revit? If so, what troublesome issues have you encountered and what remedies have you found for them? If not, what cloud-based syncing system do you use instead?

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in reply to: RGrandmaison

OneDrive does not work with Revit neither does other Cloud services I know.

OneDrive Pro works like SharePoint that needs Models to check In and Out by specialists software solutions 

Revit is a Database just like Access where you would encounter the same problems. 

If you want to live sync to the Cloud you need to use C4R 

For simple sharing on the cloud, we use A360 Team

If you don't want to spend money A360 Drive comes with Revit for free and does just the same as Onedrive.


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in reply to: MichaelRuehr

They don't seem to do quite the same as OneDrive, do they? WIth OneDrive I can save to my local OneDrive sync folder and any other machine will eventually sync with it that I use (work and home). I never have to "upload" a file...simply wait for the synch to happen. Are you saying that A360 Drive does the very same thing, or do I have to manually upload to it?


I'm assuming C4R is Collaboration For Revit? There seems to be several tiered applications, with different focus/use, for use on sharing and collaborating with data. (A360, BIM GLUE and BIM DOCS as well as the Collaboration application- anyone have a link to a document that explains the differences for each?) I'm just looking into all the ways a BIM can be connected for other users- there's quite a bit of stuff to get one's head around. I'm a teacher and planning on investigating the technology to incorporate it into some future curriculum I'm just starting to flesh out. It seems that to really allow students to experience the methods used IRL, this must be a component to any curriculum. 

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Yes you are right not exactly the same: you can't save to the Local A360 drive to my current knowledge

But you can drag and drop it on the local A360 drive and it will sync with the cloud, and your home A360 Drive will sync the moment you connect to the Internet

Yes Collaboration for Revit allows true BIM Cloud Sharing aka UK Level 3 there is also Revit Server, but this is restricted to sharing within your Domain

there is also Revit Server, but this is restricted to sharing within your Domain

The main point Revit is a Multiuser Database with a graphical front-end and not a 3D Drawing file, and that changes the gestalt of any sharing.

I am mentoring University VDC student as well for the last three years currently, I would recommend looking into A360Team for sharing and restrict work shared working to your network.

Unless you have the funds to use Collaboration for Revit that allows you to work live on the project from anywhere. 



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in reply to: RGrandmaison


我们来说说团队协作,多个成员使用不同onedrive ID进行异地协作的方法



2.如果是家庭版和免费版onedrive,需要onedrive APP for android的配合,商业版我没有测试过

3.“A”分享文件夹链接给“B”,“B”在onedriveAPP内将已共享文件夹保持至“我的onedrive”,这样在“B”成员的onedrive for PC就可以看到此文件夹,现在已经可以与“A”成员保持同步了!如果你能使用卫星通信网络,说不定在其它星球也没问题



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in reply to: TOM`

"Now (2020) version of onedrive can achieve such a function

Let’s talk about teamwork. Multiple members use different onedrive IDs for remote collaboration.

1. The local onedrive disk path of each member must be consistent:


2. If it is the home version and the free version of onedrive, you need the cooperation of the onedrive APP for android. I have not tested the commercial version.

3. The "A" shared folder is linked to "B", and "B" keeps the shared folder to "My onedrive" in onedriveAPP, so that this folder can be seen in the onedrive for PC of member "B" , Now you can keep in sync with member "A"! If you can use satellite communication network, maybe it’s okay on other planets.

4. The prerequisite for the smooth synchronization of the central file must be the same local onedrive path of the members

This is Chinese, you may need to translate"
Translated by google and pasted here.
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in reply to: RGrandmaison

I have similar problem and I have tried the following:


I have One drive on two computers with same account and exactly the same file path on both drives e.g C:\OneDrive.

(I chose to create one drive folder directly on C: drive  not in the default location with both C drives having same name)

I choose to keep the folder containing Revit files "Always keep on this device" on both computers. 


By following this method, Multiple people can access and work on the same file. However, When they try to work simultaneously there is one file in the Central back up folder keeps updating ".slog". 

In revit options, I tried to keep the update frequency to manual. It didnt help and .slog file keep on updating on both computers. As a result, when I sync to revit central file, both ".slog" files have a conflict and it splits the central file. 


Question: Is there any way we can stop .slog file from updating automatically?

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in reply to: ejaz.ulhaq

Please see the first sentence in message #2.

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OneDrive is not designed to work with complex files that reference other files, like ACAD .dwg's and their respective .bak files. You should either work locally or off a network shared drive

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