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Not able to see Revit file through C4R

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Not able to see Revit file through C4R

Hello All,

We are not able to see the Revit files while we try to open through BIM 360 drive in Revit 2019. Please see the attached snapshot for your review.

So could you please do let me know urgent resolutions for the same. As we have to submit our project today to the client.

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Have you tried opening the model from your shortcuts in Revit? We are having the same issue opening models from 360 Design but the shortcuts open just fine.


It's not a solution but it is a work around for now.2019-06-12_07h41_21.png 

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We experienced same problem in Japan. We have many projects on BIM360 design. Some of project files, .rvt,  vanished. We found out those .rvt files make turn to .zip file automatically, so we can see those files with using all files option on selecting files dialog. After only 2 hours from being changed from .rvt files to .zip files, those files truned back to .rvt files automatically.  We investigated causes. Although Autodesk will never admit their responsibility, I think Autodesk changed some system of BIM 360 design.


At least on same time , in our company, same .rvt files were changed automatically, and after 2 about hours those files turned back. This is fact. You also experienced same problem. How do you think?



Hiroshi Mori

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