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non C4R user able to work on cloud model

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non C4R user able to work on cloud model

I have a structural engineer that is not a C4R user. His file has been posted on the team hub project site and we have linked that file into our architectural C4R based model. Here's my point of confusion... He is able to access that cloud file in his open file dialog box and work on it. He is able to sync to the central file located on the cloud and tell me that it is ready to be published so we can view it in our C4R model. 


I didn't think we were able to do that. His model may not be live but it's pretty darn close. I thought we had to have him upload his latest version site and have us reload the link. Have I been making this way more difficult than needed?


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Autodesk will confirm this as "a bug". I call it a well placed commercial bug: get everyone on BIM360 and let everyone use C4R, then correct "the bug" while everyone gets used too it "for free".


I can only recommend NOT WORK THIS WAY. You will only disappoint your structural engineer who will get used to work this way, and will demand a license when Autodesk corrects the bug. Try explaining that to your boss or +1.

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