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No projects appear in Revit - BIM 360 Team

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No projects appear in Revit - BIM 360 Team

I have started a Revit Project to BIM 360 Team and now I want to open it in Revit to start working on it, but it doesn't appear when I go to the BIM 360 Team Folder. Can anybody advise why this is happening?

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in reply to: stevie_kelly

@stevie_kelly, how was the model uploaded to the BIM 360 Team project?  If it was through the web browser you won't see it from Revit.  You would want to open it locally and use the "Collaborate in the Cloud" to upload it to the project.  Then anyone else in the project using Collaboration for Revit will be able to see it through Revit as well.  



Adam Peter
Customer Program Manager
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@AdamPeter thanks for your response. When I click on 'collaborate', it only gives me the option to collaborate within the network, the 'collaborate using the cloud' button is greyed out and I can't click on it. Maybe there's a particular way to install C4R that I don't know about? Where could I find this out?

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