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Need Revit Model Review - but for 2014 and 2015 Revit

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Need Revit Model Review - but for 2014 and 2015 Revit



We are interested in using Revit Model Review to eliminate duplicate marks and hopefully some duplicate family instances in our model.  We have been using Revit 2014 for one model and 2015 for another model to maintain compatibility accross all disciplines/companies.  Right now we can only find Revit Model Review for 2016 Revit.  Is there any way to get these add-ins through AutoDesk?  At this time, there's dis-interest toward upgrading the model to 2016 just to use this ad-in.


Thank you,



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in reply to: glenn.ross.79

it looks like they took it down for some reason or it could be they just updated the install to recogonise the 2016 installs?

no idea

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in reply to: DarrenP

Hi All,


Has there been anything progress on this issues, I currently need to review all the element in a MEP model to see which on have been mirrored and there are over 1000 items to check.


If I had the Revit Model Review 2015 installed this would be a lot quicker.....


If anyone has any infomation on this that would be great. 


Cheer Michael



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