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NAS system for remote access to Revit Central model

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NAS system for remote access to Revit Central model

We are a small firm (2 users) and we'd like to set up a NAS on our office to locate our central model files. I know it'll work fine if we work from the office but will it be the same if we work remotely, for example if we take home our laptop?

NAS can be accessed remotely so it shouldn't be a problem, right?





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Hi @alex,


I see, that the community hasn´t gave you an answer yet. 

So I wanted to jump in and give you some information, I can provide from the official Autodesk Technical Support side of things...


Autodesk had developped multiple methods enabling Revit users to collaborate. The basic rules for those methods are as follows: 

  1. File Based Collaboration was developped for collaboration within LAN (Local Area Network)
  2. Revit Server was developped for enabling collaboration between users sitting in geographically more distant locations using WAN (Wild Area Network) while staying within one company´s Firewall (!)
  3. Collaboration for Revit was implemented to let users to collaborate from any location outside of a company´s firewall without any restrictions simply using Autodesk´s Cloud Services just  with a solid internet connection

These 3 methodes are officially supported by Autodesk. 

Besides that there might be other workflows, officially not supported by Autodesk though, but possibly working well or at least OK. 

As this article states: 

"Given the vast array of NAS and SAN devices available on the market, it is not feasible for Autodesk to test each device. NAS and SAN devices are therefore not supported."


From what I´ve seen in Technical Support so far - there is a high number of users out there, using different NAS devices successfully, but I don´t have enough experience to give you an advice to your specific workflow. 

To find an answer to your question, I would suggest that you have the following options: 

  • Engage with NAS Support
  • Asking for experiences of other users with the same workflow ( as you´ve just did in this thread)
  • Setting up a test environment and run a few tests - if this is possible

I understand that you might have hoped for a more explicit answer, but I still hope that you found this information helpful anyways.


I hope that other users of the community will provide you with more experiences regarding this workflow. 


Best regards,


Zsolt Varga
Technical Support Specialist
Autodesk, Inc.

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