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My Local file opens everytime I try to open my Central model

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My Local file opens everytime I try to open my Central model

My file is saved in BIM360 and is being worked on collaboratively. When I try and open it, through BIM360, it opens the local file rather than the central cloud model. I am SO lost as to how to get rid of my local file and access the file that is being collaborated on and shared on the cloud. ? Any help will be greatly appreciated.



This local file checkbox is meant to be greyed out...

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Thank you for the question @Anonymous!


It sounds like you may be accessing the cloud model through the Desktop Connector:

Desktop Connector - Open dialog.png


If you are working with Revit 2019.1 or later, try going to the Revit Home, and accessing your cloud project/model there.


Note: The option to open cloud models was removed from the open dialog with version 2020 and later, in these versions the only option is to use Revit Home.

Lance Coffey

Technical Support Specialist

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